Practice Areas

Matrimonial Matters:
            Contested Divorce
            Uncontested Divorce  
            Equitable Distribution (Distribution of Marital Assets)
            Enforcement & Finalization of Mediation Agreements
            High Net Worth Asset Division
            Spousal Support (Maintenance/Alimony)
            Valuation of Assets
            Pre-Nuptial Agreements
            Post-Nuptial Agreements  
            Contempt & Enforcement
            Property Agreements
            Military Divorce
            Same Sex Divorce
            Post-Judgment Matters
Family Law Matters:  
            Custody and Visitation
            Custody/Visitation Modification
            Custody/Visitation Violations
            Custody/Visitation Enforcement and/or Contempt
            Domestic Violence/Family Offense/Orders of Protection
            Violation of Orders of Protection
            Child Abuse/Neglect
            Termination Proceedings  
            Child Support
            Child Support Enforcement
            Child Support Modification
            Child Support Termination
            Parent and Child Relocation
            Spousal Support
            Grandparent Guardianship
            Grandparent Visitation
            Integrated Domestic Violence
            Surrender of Parental Rights
            International Child Abduction
            Juvenile Delinquency
            Child Emancipation

Administrative Proceedings:
            Record expungement matters
            involving the Office of Children & Family Services

            Fair Hearings


Real Estate Matters:
            Purchaser Transactions

            Contract Negotiation

            Seller Transactions


            Deed Transfer


Estate Planning Matters:
            Last Will & Testament

            Living Will

            Health Care Proxy

            Power of Attorney


Criminal Matters:
            Child Endangerment

            Violation of Order of Protection